The train whistles ...

And the journey begins ... a journey of life ... embark ... a dreamy passage in the gorge, in the vertical mountains, on bridges, an idyllic experience ...

Going uphill you lose the blue of the sea from your horizon and the route narrows from the mountain peaks, which constantly emerge denser, greener, higher.

This is where the challenge of the mountain begins, which constantly invites you to conquer it!

You go out into the clearing ... You arrive!

You are welcomed by the historic building of the cog, the station and the historic building of the Primary School

The interests map compensates your being

All the elements are so dynamic, and they give unforgettable joys ... you will leave richer!

Most popular destinations in Kalavrita

Dear visitor, you will leave Kalavrita richer!

Suggested sights and activities in Kalavrita

Explore this beautiful place

the magnificent Kalavrita

invite you for a journey of incomparable beauty ...

... discover them through the video ...

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